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Our seed company “E-Z Tohumculuk”, founded in 2005, continues R&D and improvement activities in the District of Kumluca – Antalya. There are two main reasons for our selection of Kumluca as the location of our activities. First; the capital of greenhouse cultivation in Turkey is Kumluca. Secondly; Kumluca has a convenient conditionfor greenhousing in an area ranging from 0 to 700 meters above sea level.This topographical variability means to have a different climate and soil richness. This richness gives us a capacity to test and develop the seed varieties in different climates and soils.
Our improvement activities have focused only on TOMATO, EGGPLANT, CUCUMBER and MELON species. The first reason for this limitation is the fact that success can be achieved by working and focusing on the field you know best. Secondly; we aim to have a worldwide claim in species on which we carry out improvement works. Despite our young age, our name has been written on the book of the seed growing; we achieved this result due to our right strategy. We have managed to get the seedless fruit in eggplant by TATLICAN F1; and the resistance to double disease in truss tomatoes by KANKA F1.
Other important aspect that distinguishes our company, “E-Z Tohumculuk”, from our competitors is that we include the flavor component to the improvement work. In addition to productivity and quality, flavor has priority in all kinds on which we carry out improvement work. Our company’s motto in the improvement work is ”We carry the flavor heritage to the future”.